USA Today: Obama’s rise spotlights gains in race relations

USA Today (9/23/08)

Obama’s rise spotlights gains in race relations

Seven in 10 blacks expect Obama to win in November. Among the 13% who predict Republican John McCain will prevail, racism is the reason most often cited. The 50% of whites who expect McCain to win are most likely to cite the candidates’ levels of experience as the reason. Only 5% of whites who say McCain will win call racism the key factor.

Beyond politics, blacks and Hispanics are much more likely than whites to see racism as a persistent problem in their communities and to report it as part of their own lives. Six of 10 blacks and 4 of 10 Hispanics say they personally have experienced discrimination often or occasionally, compared with 14% of whites.

Blacks also are much more likely than whites to report serious problems in their neighborhoods with crime, poor schools and a lack of jobs. They put a higher priority on addressing poverty, inequalities in the criminal justice system and reparations for slavery than whites do.

Hispanics rank immigration as a more critical issue than non-Hispanics do.

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