New Mexico Politics From the Local Perspective: GOP Wants C de Baca To Resign; Will He Go Quietly?

New Mexico Politics From the Local Perspective (9/23/08)

GOP Wants C de Baca To Resign; Will He Go Quietly?

OK, this story isn’t going away and is, in fact, gaining more and more momentum as the days go on and Fernando C. de Baca refuses to talk to anyone about his horrible comments to a BBC reporter.

And the state Republican Party is noticing. The Albuquerque Journal reported:

Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., joined state Republican Party Chairman Allen Weh and others in the GOP in asking C de Baca to step down.”Fernando C de Baca should resign,” Domenici said in a Journal telephone interview early Monday evening after he tried to reach C de Baca for an explanation.

“The Republican Party cannot let a high-ranking official remain in an active position having made this kind of statement,” Domenici said. “It’s a wrong statement to make. That’s not what Republicans believe.”

Weh also was unyielding. “There’s an overwhelming consensus in the Republican Party at large that he should step aside,” he said. “It has become … an unfair distraction to every issue that should be focused on in this election.”

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