LeftinAlabama:AL-05: What Kind of Ad is This?

LeftinAlabam (9/21/08)

AL-05: What Kind of Ad is This?

What the heck is Wayne Parker trying to say with this ad?  I like weddings?  I like babies?  I like white people? ‘Cause there’s no substantive discussion of issues or attempt to distinguish himself from his opponent anywhere in the ad.  Just feel good pictures and “values.” 

Watch it.  Is there a single person of color anywhere in this advertisement?  The only person who even might be anything other than lily-white is one of the girls in uniform with her back to the camera, and she may just be dark-haired.

Is “Alabama values” the polite euphemism for keeping power in the hands of white folks — this year’s racist dog whistle?  Nixon taught the Republicans they could win in the South by appealing to the “cultural voters” who disapproved of the Civil Rights Act and black people getting all uppity.  It’s no longer acceptable to openly appeal to racism in pursuit of votes; are they doing it with a nod and a wink by mentioning Alabama Values or Conservative Values as Terry Everett did in a recent ad for Jay Love?

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