Blog for our Future: Masters of the Universe Fight Back: The Race Angle

Blog for our Future (9/23/08)

Masters of the Universe Fight Back: The Race Angle

Well, write what you know, as the literary gurus says. And so, instead of debt-swaps, equity positions, derivatives, and the role of Phil Gramm’s Union Bank of Switzerland, let me write about the sewer through which are right-wing friends are navigating to try to win this election. Specifically, this: the right-wing crusade to blame the Negroes for the financial meltdown continues apace.

And by now, it’s getting into Protocols of the Elders of Zion territory.

Watch this clip of Fox’s Neil Cavuto. See him sandbag Hispanic congressman Xavier Becerra, pinning upon him and his swarthy fellows responsibility for the collapse of America’s financial system by “pushing for more minority lending.” Why didn’t people like him warn that “loaning to minorities and risky folks is a disaster”?

The pattern being drawn across the right—the Big Lie so notorious it’s hard to belief they’d even dare it—is that this financial mess is something black people have done to white people.

Why wouldn’t Obama be mum on the market crisis? It was all about, you know, swarthy people shoveling money and power to other swarthy people. You know how they do every time they get any power.

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