New Mexico Politics From the Local Perspective: C. de Baca Explains His Comments to Local Blogger

New Mexico Politics From the Local Perspective (9/22/08)

C. de Baca Explains His Comments to Local Blogger

Suddenly embattled Bernalillo County GOP chairman Fernando C. de Baca finally broke his silence and spoke to Peter St. Cyr of What’s the Word. St. Cyr’s blog is becoming a must-read for people interested in New Mexico politics.

C. de Baca told St. Cyr in a phone interview, “It’s truly unfortunate. I was asked by one of the bloggers to help him understand the history of New Mexico, visa via Hispanics, and how they interacted with the Native Americans, and Blacks, you know African Americans.” The blogger he was referring to is a BBC reporter who was at the New Mexico State Fair.

I have to say, everyone I spoke to could not believe the comments that C. de Baca made. No one could think of a possible interpretation where the comments were not racist.

The thing is, I can see that I can see C. de Baca’s side of the argument. Anyone who has attempted to explain the oddness of New Mexico’s Hispanics to others (the Norteños as some call them) knows it. And with the way the BBC writer portrayed it, it was looked like those were C. de Baca’s personal views.

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