Moderate Voice: Poll: White Democrats’ Racism Could Cost Obama White House

Moderate Voice (9/20/08)

Poll: White Democrats’ Racism Could Cost Obama White House

A new AP-Yahoo News poll finds that white Democrats’ resistance to voting for a black man for President could cost Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama the White House

And it raises a further, often unmentionable question:

Is it likely that, in the end, Obama will wind up the 21st-century-equivalent of Al Smith, the New York Governor who ran against Herbert Hoover in 1928 and lost in a landslide due to soon-to-explode prosperity and anti-Catholic bigotry? By mid-century a Catholic named Sen. John F. Kennedy, Jr. was elected President, but it was too early for Smith in 1928. In terms of bigotry’s impact on voting, will 2008 be more like 1928 or 1960?

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