NY Observer: Obama and the 40-Year-Old Virgin

NY Observer (9/18/08)

Obama and the 40-Year-Old Virgin

In Michigan, right-wing operatives are seeking to aggravate white Democrats by linking Obama to Kwame Kilpatrick, the disgraced mayor of Detroit who leaves office today in a deal with prosecutors that included pleading guilty to two felony charges of obstructing justice. A brief clip of Obama praising Kilpatrick last year, long before his indictment, is the centerpiece of an inflammatory ad appearing on cable channels in Macomb County outside Detroit, where white Democratic voters reside who may be susceptible to such appeals to prejudice.

Behind the ad is “Freedom’s Defense Fund,” a Washington-based PAC that is actually the front for a group of Republican consultants affiliated with an outfit called BMW Direct Inc. They specialize in racial politics, having put together a dubious “Black Republican PAC” that deploys African-Americans to attack Democrats.

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