Colorado Independent: Affirmative-action defenders slam Jessica Peck Corry

Colorado Independent (9/19/08)

Affirmative-action defenders slam Jessica Peck Corry

A Colorado campaign to defend affirmative-affirmative action programs against a ballot initiative that seeks to destroy them has some harsh words for its opponents

Yesterday, Carlos Valverde, co-executive director of the Colorado Progressive Coalition and part of the Vote No team, criticized the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative’s Jessica Peck Corry for her “racist” comments earlier this month.

According to Colorado Media Matters, a progressive media watchdog group, Corry, a policy analyst for the conservative Independence Institute think tank, referred to the Barack Obama and Joe Biden ticket as “Obama bin Biden” on an Independence Institute TV panel. She also accidentally referred to Obama as “Osama”:

“We’ve been attacking the Republicans for not being on message to unaffiliated voters. Obama bin Biden, as they should be called, is also off message to unaffiliated voters. You look at who introduced Obama — I almost said, “Osama,” sorry — you look at who introduced Obama, it was labor members, it was unemployed nurses, it was hardco — hardcore, excuse me, radical, leftist activists,” said Corry, referring to Obama’s INVESCO Field acceptance speech. “I was just in my car today and heard a pro-abortion commercial in favor of Obama. They are not on message, just as Republicans are not on message. They just are far to the left at this point.”

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