Weekly Standard: Obama Smears Rush Limbaugh and John McCain as anti-Mexican Bigots

Weekly Standard (9/17/08)

Obama Smears Rush Limbaugh and John McCain as anti-Mexican Bigots

ABC’s Jake Tapper reports that those Limbaugh quotes have been horribly ripped out of context by Obama. Really, you have to read all of Tapper’s post to see how utterly dishonest the Obama campaign is.

Just in case Joe Klein, E.J. Dionne, and Michael Crowley don’t provide the McCain campaign with any money quotes denouncing this ad to use in a video press release, I’m going to give it a whirl: This is the sleaziest, most despicable and dishonest ad ever, thus leading me to conclude that it’s the unholy handiwork of Obama’s three closest friends: former business partner and convicted felon Tony Rezko, flag-desecrating unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, and his racist America-hating pastor of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright–who may or may not be the true father of Michelle Obama’s daughters. Have you no shame, Mr. Obama?

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