DigitalJournal: Opinion: Ward Connerly Gets Rich Off Of Opposing Affirmative Action

DigitalJournal (9/15/08)

Opinion: Ward Connerly Gets Rich Off Of Opposing Affirmative Action

Although Ward Connerly hasn’t had much success reducing affirmative action, he is regarded highly within the conservative movement. In 2003, his two nonprofit agencies paid him $314,079 to manage two people.

Conservative anti-affirmative action activist Ward Connerly was supposed to have a great year in 2008. He wrote a biography in 2000 entitled Creating Equal: My Fight Against Racial Preferences and it was supposed to be re-released in February. His current book, Lessons From My Uncle James was supposed to hit the bookstores this summer. He was supposed to be the driving force behind a series of ballot initiatives aimed at eliminating affirmative action practices in public education, contracting and employment.

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