Colorado Independent: ‘No on 46′ spells out expected affirmative action cuts

Colorado Independent (9/18/08)

‘No on 46′ spells out expected affirmative action cuts

A Colorado ballot initiative, Amendment 46, seeks to destroy affirmative action programs throughout the state. Brought forward by California businessman Ward Connerly, the so-called Colorado Civil Rights Initiative does not specify exactly which programs will disappear should it pass.

And until yesterday, opponents of the measure were also loath to identify the programs that might be targeted, citing concerns that Connerly and his team would single out those very programs for demolition.

But now, on the heels of the news that Amendment 46 opponents have pulled their lawsuit against the initiative’s backers, the Vote No on 46 campaign has released a list of programs it believes will be cut with the measure’s passage. The release is part of a revved up Vote No campaign that organizers say will escalate in the coming weeks.

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