Weekly Standard Blog: Yet Another Democrat Race-Baits by Preemptively Complaining About Race-Baiting

Weekly Standard Blog (9/17/08)

Yet Another Democrat Race-Baits by Preemptively Complaining About Race-Baiting

Well, one thing you can say for her. Had she been chosen as VP, Kathleen Sebelius would have been on-message.

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius accused Republicans on Tuesday of injecting race into the presidential campaign, arguing that they are using “code language” to convince Midwesterners that Democrat Barack Obama is different from them.”Have any of you noticed that Barack Obama is part African-American?” Sebelius asked with sarcasm. “(Republicans) are not going to go lightly into the darkness.”

In August, Obama used a similar line, obliquely referring to his race by saying Republicans would try to scare voters by saying he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills.” At that time, the campaign first tried to weasel out of the statement by claiming Obama was referring to his relative youth, before chief strategist David Axelrod went on “Good Morning America” and conceded the remark referred to race.


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