Racialicious: Stereotyping the Working Class

Racialicious (9/15/08)

Stereotyping the Working Class « Working-Class Perspectives

“The second problem is that the stereotype suggests that only working-class people are racist. But racism doesn’t recognize class borders. Some middle-class and elite people won’t vote for Obama because of his race, but nearly all of the commentary focuses on working-class racism. “

Right Wing News: Neglected Mysteries of Obama’s Background

Right Wing News (9/15/08)

Neglected Mysteries of Obama’s Background

It’s a shame mainstream journalists are too busy trashing Sarah Palin to look into Barack Obama’s background. Riehl World View offers some fascinating leads they might pursue regarding the trip he made to Pakistan before transferring from Occidental to Columbia:

By 1980 at Occidental Obama ran partly with a circle of wealthy, drug using Pakistani friends. He traveled to Pakistan between Occidental and Columbia in 1981. That was during the Second Military Era (1977-1988) – Pakistan was under Sharia Law and not the most welcoming to foreign visitors, especially without some graft or connections.
Based upon documented accounts, Obama seems to have also traveled the country-side, not just in the cities. By 1981 Pakistan had become the world’s number one supplier of Heroin. Upon his return Obama took up residence with one of the drug using Pakistanis in a run down, presumably drug infested part of NYC in an apartment they couldn’t qualify for based on income.


HuffPo: Democratic Gamechanger-(End Affirmative Action)

HuffPo (9/15/08)

Democratic Gamechanger

In a recent column, Stuart Rothenberg noted Obama ought to take on his own party, For Obama, McCain, Standing Pat May Be the Wrong Approach. Certainly there are issues that Obama could not compromise his own core beliefs and core Democratic beliefs without serious base electoral consequences, such as abortion, discrimination against race, sexual orientation, and gender, the environment, or Iraq policy.

But one such issue is large enough, directly addresses one of the voters’ biggest hesitations in voting for Obama, and would indeed scramble the President race in a way Republicans could not defend. Barack Obama should consider coming out for the end of affirmative action and changing to an Income Based approach to preferences in hiring and college admissions. This would mean more need based scholarships and hiring preferences. Most people of color would invariably continue to benefit because minorities predominantly are a part of the lower and lower-middle classes. He would certainly encounter disagreements and outcry from his own party, with some even threatening to defect, but where would they go? Republicans have been trying to end affirmative action since it began which brought the Southern Strategy that persists to this day in electoral politics. But their reasons were politically motivated, whereas Obama’s would point to the future and conciliation.


The Atlantic: Ta-Nehisi Coates: Barack needs to attack affirmative action

The Atlantic: Ta-Nehisi Coates (9/15/08)

Barack needs to attack affirmative action

Yep. That argument again. I’ve said what I think of this idea. And at this moment, I don’t know how it doesn’t look incredibly, incredibly cynical.

Booker Rising: HARRY JACKSON JR. COMMENTARY: Obama “Waffles” Stir Conflict At Christian Conference

Booker Rising (9/15/08)

HARRY JACKSON JR. COMMENTARY: Obama “Waffles” Stir Conflict At Christian Conference

The evangelical conservative, on the “Obama Waffles” box sold at a recent event sponsored by the Family Research Council. The group that he chairs, the High Impact Leadership Coalition, was an event co-sponsor: “The only negative thing that came out of the Values Voter’s Summit was that two men from Franklin Tennessee (Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss) sold a product called ‘Obama Waffles’ at the event until the conference leaders shut them down on Saturday. The Family Research Council issued a statement on behalf of all of the sponsors of the summit that we ‘strongly condemned the tone and content of the materials’ of the product’s packaging. As far as HILC is concerned, the so-called political ‘satire’ on the boxes of waffles is racist and makes fun of all African Americans – not to mention unfairly demeaning Bara[c]k Obama.”

Mr. Jackson Jr. continues his commentary: “The images on the box play off of the Aunt Jemima pancake-mix product. The senator is depicted with bulging eyes and thick lips. The packaging also portrays the senator in Arab or Islamic headdress. The back of the box depicts Obama in a Mexican sombrero above a recipe for ‘Open Border Fiesta Waffles.’ The copy implies that Obama will be easy on illegal aliens. People who read the box say that it poked fun at Michelle Obama, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, and John Kerry. When African-American members of my conference staff and volunteers saw the product, it deeply offended them. They felt that it reflected badly on all participants – especially our organization. Here we were at the event talking about racial reconciliation and the need for evangelicals to vote based on their principles, while another ‘unofficial group’ of people were undermining our message and making money on this distortion to boot.”


Little Green Footballs: Waffles = Racism

Little Green Footballs (9/15/08)

Waffles = Racism

Whether the intent was racist or not, it’s hard to believe that the producers didn’t know it would be taken that way. So the end result of this little stunt is to reinforce the image that the GOP condones racism (with help from the media, of course). Thanks a lot, guys.

It’s interesting to note, however, that in the Associated Press article on this “novelty item,” they don’t mention the incident that obviously inspired the “waffle” concept in the first place: Why Can’t I Just Eat My Waffle?


HipHop Republican: Accusations of racism at Values Voter Summit

HipHop Republican (9/14/08)

Accusations of racism at Values Voter Summit

Anyway the group has a blog and has been fighting back that they are not racist.


So the question is were the images racist or disrespectful..or both?

Personally I think the two guys were idiots for doing this and are probally kicking themselves. One can only imagine with al the talk about race in this election that these guys felt it was okay to have a “Ancha Mamma Obamma” waffle box at such an event and not provoke accusations of racism is breathtaking

Liberals who are attacking the forum must also answer for there silence when the tables are turned and racist depictions of prominet black Republicans are allowed. “The depiction of Dr. Condoleezza Rice by Jeff Danziger, Pat Oliphant and Garry Trudeau as an ebonics speaking, big-lipped, black mammy who just loves her ‘massa’. The left was quiet when Michelle D. Bernard, senior vice president of the Independent Women’s Forum said “These cartoons take the racism of the liberals who profess respect and adoration for black Americans to a new level.