Facing South: Voting Rights Watch: Florida ballots found, but ID match could disenfranchise ‘tens of thousands’

Facing South (9/12/08)

Voting Rights Watch: Florida ballots found, but ID match could disenfranchise ‘tens of thousands’

Today’s papers also continue to report on Florida’s controversial decision to enforce a “No match, no vote” rule, which will bar prospective voters if their names and addresses don’t exactly match those on the voter rolls. The state is pointing to safeguards to ensure the rule doesn’t stop lots of voters, as reported in the TCPalm:
The state will notify by mail voters whose information does not match and they can correct the problem after the Oct. 6 cutoff without being removed from the voter system, Walker said.

But voting rights advocates aren’t convinced — and fear “tens of thousands” could be disenfranchised from simple mix-ups:
Voter advocates say the law can be discriminatory through clerical errors, because difficult-to-spell African-American or Hispanic names can result in mix-ups during the confirmation process. Clerks could also inadvertently insert wrong ID numbers or addresses for anyone.


Talking Points Memo: GOP Efforts To Rig Big Senate Race Hit Snag

Talking Points Memo (9/12/08)

GOP Efforts To Rig Big Senate Race Hit Snag

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and the state GOP’s apparent efforts to rig this year’s big Senate race have hit a bump in the road, with the state Dems winning a victory today in court — though it may prove to be only temporary.

Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Tomie Green has just ruled that the governor and secretary of state — both Republicans — violated the law by sending out a sample ballot that placed the hotly-contested Senate election in obscurity at the bottom of the ballot, where lower-information are more likely to skip it. Instead, Green has ordered the state to issue a new ballot that places the Senate race towards the top with other federal races.


National Review: Reverend Wright Ads Running in Michigan

National Review (9/12/08)

Reverend Wright Ads Running in Michigan

527 group Freedom’s Defense Fund is running this ad featuring Reverend Wright in Macomb county in Michigan, essentially suburban Detroit. With Detroit mayor and enthusiastic Obama endorsee Kwame Kilpatrick headed to jail (Freedom’s Defense Fund’s ad on Obama and Kwame is just below the Rev. Wright ad on the same page), and a very unpopular Democratic governor in Jennifer Granholm, the state is surprisingly vulnerable to being poached by McCain — though Obama still has a narrow lead.


Too Sense: Obama Disrespects The White Woman

Too Sense (9/12/08)

Obama Disrespects The White Woman

Female narrator’s voice (sounding white, but one can’t assume), talking about Obama being disrespectful of the white female VP nominee. They are tapping into one of the most visceral racial resentments in this country: the white response to supposed insults against white women by black men. How many lynchings during the height of Jim Crow were tied, at least in pretext, to some kind of attack against or insult to a white woman by a black man? How much Southern racial mythology centers around the notion of white men protecting their women from black male aggression?


COlorado Independent: McCain feels heat from anti-immigration movement

COlorado Independent (9/12/08)

McCain feels heat from anti-immigration movement

John McCain was an early supporter of comprehensive immigration reform, but in this presidential campaign McCain has changed his position to come down harder on the issue. Many political analysts say he did so to appease anti-immigration activists in key swing states-Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Nevada. But at an anti-immigration rally in Washington talk-radio hosts and activists said they wanted more promises of border enforcement from McCain before they embrace his candidacy.


Weekly Standard: Whoopi to McCain: ‘Should I worry about a return to slavery in a McCain administration?’

Weekly Standard (9/12/08)

Whoopi to McCain: ‘Should I worry about a return to slavery in a McCain administration?’

Goldberg, who joined the show as moderator in 2007 replacing Rosie O’Donnell, then asked, “Did you say you wanted strict constitutionalists? Should I worry about being a slave? A return to slavery? Because there are things in the Constitution that (should have changed.)”

McCain responded, “you have a good point,” as Walters jokingly reassured Goldberg and another African-American host, Sherri Shepherd, that she would “protect them” from the impending 21st-century slave market McCain would undoubtedly instate.


Mother Jones Blog: New McCain Ad: Racist or No?

Mother Jones Blog (9/12/08)

New McCain Ad: Racist or No?

The McCain campaign has a new 30-second spot out, hitting Obama and Biden for mistreating Sarah Palin. It’s below. Near the end, Obama’s face is shown with the words “HOW DISRESPECTFUL.” “Disrespectful” is actually the title of the ad.

Some are questioning whether that’s racist. Here’s TPM’s David Kurtz: “Doesn’t it just drip with contempt? The sort of old-fashioned contempt that whites often held blacks in (and obviously still do).”