JackandJillPolitics: What If Sarah Palin Were Black….

JackandJillPolitics (/5/08)

What If Sarah Palin Were Black….

It is clear that the media has somewhat of a double standard when it comes to who gets scrutinized and who does not… and it’s a racial double standard. Race is the primary factor behind the media’s lack of diligence. The media has shown its cowardice on a number of occasions when it comes to who is covered and why. The bottom line is… we all know that if Sarah Palin were Black, the coverage would be completely different, just as it has been for Barack and Michelle Obama. It’s as if Blacks are inherently saddled with this constant doubt about their Patriotism….so the media almost felt obligated to dig under every Rock in Obama’s background to see if they could help the Swiftboaters in any way possible. It’s as though scrutinizing Barack Obama was the media’s duty…. yet the same standard just doesn’t exist when the subject of discussion isn’t Black.


ThinkProgress: Rep. Virgil Goode rails against ‘anchor babies’


Rep. Virgil Goode rails against ‘anchor babies’

In a debate on Wednesday, Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) repeatedly used the derogatory term “anchor babies” when talking about the issue of undocumented immigration, calling for a “fix” to the situation:

GOODE: There’s not going to be a consensus in Congress to fix the anchor baby situation until you get more persons like me who are willing to say, No to the anchor baby and no to the Nancy Pelosi’s of this Congress, who depends on the Hispanic Caucus.


American Spectator: ‘Married to an Eskimo’?

American Spectator (/5/08)

‘Married to an Eskimo’?
Megan McArdle:

Sarah Palin is what the McCain camp has badly needed:  an attack dog who can be deployed against Obama.  She slides the stiletto in without either losing her femininity or coming across as catty, and given that she’s married to an eskimo, it’s going to be hard to fit her into the narrative of conservative closet racists trying to perpetuate white domination.

Now, wait a doggone minute here:

  • Is Megan trying to say that all prejudices are created equal? Just because you’re not prejudiced against Eskimos means you’re altogether free from prejudice? Wait until the folks in Alabama hear about this!


Atlanta Journal Constitution: Political Insider: Barack and Michelle Obama are ‘uppity,’ says Lynn Westmoreland

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Political Insider (9/4/08)

Barack and Michelle Obama are ‘uppity,’ says Lynn Westmoreland

U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, who was born and raised in the South, said Thursday that he’s never heard the word “uppity” used in a racially loaded fashion — and meant nothing more than “elitist” when he applied it to Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

“If anyone read more into it, no undercurrent was intended,” Westmoreland spokesman Brian Robinson said this evening.


TalkLeft: Uppity

TalkLeft (9/4/08)


“It was only a matter of time before Republican officials shifted from oblique racially-charged language to brazen racially-charged language,” wrote Steve Benen, author of a blog for Washington Monthly magazine.


Racilicious: McCain’s VP Pick : Palin and the Politica and Privilege of White Woman’hood/ Mommy’Hood

Racilicious (9/5/09)

McCain’s VP Pick : Palin and the Politica and Privilege of White Woman’hood/ Mommy’Hood

Last night, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin accepted the nomination to the vice-presidency at the Republican National Convention.

Originally the buzz about Palin, focused on her having a vagina. Her presence was analyzed as a calculated McCain strategy to lure disgruntled, hard core Hillary Clinton supporters.

Then the shift went internal, to her uterus, her identity as a mother to five, the youngest with some form of developmental delay, and a 17 year old daughter, unmarried and pregnant.


Colorado Independent: Colorado affirmative action counter measure flops

Colorado Independent (9/4/08)

Colorado affirmative action counter measure flops

Initiative 82, which sought to preserve the state’s affirmative action programs, fell flat yesterday when the Colorado Secretary of State announced that the measure did not have enough valid signatures to make the November ballot.

Launched by a group called Coloradans for Equal Opportunity, the proposal would have protected certain affirmative action programs in the face of another ballot initiative, Amendment 46, which seeks to dismantle some of them. Amendment 46 is part of a national campaign spearheaded by anti-affirmative action guru Ward Connerly, a California businessman.